When we say someone is ‘playing with fire’, we usually mean someone doing risky stuff. Admitted, playing with fire involves risks. Pyromancer is very aware of that and does everything to make sure that his performances are clean and safe. And to cover any damage in the unlikely case of an incedent, Pyromancer has an extended liability insurance.

Clean means: no mess on and around the working site before, during and after the show. Pyromancer handles his fuels with care and does not leave any rubbish in the form of ashes, oil, or a burned surface. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented that some oildrops will hit the floor while firebreathing, but the oil used is colour- and odourless and will evaporate within hours, leaving no trace.
With safe, we mean safe for both the audience and the surroundings. Pyromancer will only start a performance if it is safe and responsible to do so. For the smaller shows, it is usually enough to talk everything over beforehand, to prevent unpleasant surprises on location. For the bigger shows it’s often a wise idea to plan a visit to the location to make sure how everything can be planned safely.
Naturally, Pyromancer provides fire extinguishers and fire blankets, just in case. Unless he has to travel to the location by plane, in that case the client has to provide these. Furthermore David Boelee is a certified fire watch and safety and has a VCA certificate.