Circle show

Pyromancer is one of the best firebreathers in the world and has been performing worldwide for over a decade. Pyromancer gathers the crowds for a fireshow that is a mix of spectacular flames brought with a great sense of humour and a playful charming presence. Some say his character burns brighter than the torches in his hands. Others say they never saw so many long lasting flames coming from a man’s mouth. And some people just love to see him burn. This unique fireshow is a must see for all ages.

What others say about Pyromancer:

“Pyromancer offers a completely unique street show, like nothing else I have ever seen in the world. He brings a great sense of play and twisted charm to his performance. And as the greatest fire breather I have ever witnessed, I believe he is a fabulous addition to any festival line-up.”

(Mackenzie Muldoon, ScotiaBank BuskerFest Toronto)

Pyromancer Fireshow from David Boelee on Vimeo.

Technical specifications: 1 player. Site dimensions min. 5 x 5 metres. Minumum free height: 4 metres. Duration standard show: app. 20 minutes. An adapted act for any occasion is always possible. For additional information about travelling and all other questions, please get in touch!